Locals’ recommendations best 10! Sea food restaurants in “KUROMON MARKET”- Full of local gourmets

KUROMON MARKET is popular as a sightseeing spot. Every day, many people are visiting there. Of cause, the purpose is eating delicious food.

Needless to say, it’s a place that you can buy various kinds of foods and souvenirs. It has a history of about 200 years, and thanks to the high quality ingredients there, Osaka has been keeping its reputation-called “Capital of gourmet”.

It’s appreciated as a treasure place for gourmet by tourists and by Osaka locals, too. This time, let me introduce the recommendations focused on seafood!


Talking of Osaka, you can’t miss FUGU (puffers)! This shop is for eating fresh Fugu.

As it’s a Fugu specialty shop having a lot of kinds selection, you can enjoy high quality Fugu dishes with lower price.

The staff here are kind and cheerful. They gave us the explanation about not only Fugu but information of other shops!

The popular menu is KARAAGE (deep-flied Fugu). Although Fugu is usually being served “Nabe“ or “Sashimi”, at this shop, you can enjoy deep-fried fresh Fugu.

It’s also good as snacks while walking. As being sold out so quickly, you should visit there in the morning. (5 pieces of deep-flied Fugu:1,000Yen)

You shouldn’t miss “Fugu-sashi” (sliced raw Fugu). The sliced Fugu looks like petals, the beautiful looks make us feel craftsmanship by the licensed chef.

Flesh “Fugu-sashi” is served at the shop as the puffers are swimming in the water tank just before being cooked. (Fugu-sashi:1,700~2,500Yen ※The price varies depending on the year.)

Shop Name Minami
Phone +81-6-6643-0373
Address 2-3-20, Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM8:00-PM4:00
Closed Sun.& National holidays(no closed Oct.-Mar.), New Year holidays(Jan.1st-Jan.4th)
Payment Cash only

■Uomaru Shoten

Japanese people really love raw tuna! This is a special store dealing with Pacific blue-fin tuna.

The shop has good reputations of the freshness and quality. It’s a special shop for specialists like Sushi-chiefs, etc.

The shop is also selling tuna even small quantity packs for households. The selected tuna is so delicious that amateurs like me can feel the difference.

The characteristic of “Otoro” blue-fin fatty tuna (fattest part of the abdomen) is its melty fat.

Its fatty part tastes sweet and not greasy though. (Otoro Sashimi:1,300Yen)

“Kama Toro”(part of the abdomen adjacent to gills) is popular, too. It might be fun to try the both. Maybe you can enjoy the differences of the tastes. (Kama Toro Sashimi:1,500Yen)

If you don’t care about the looks and parts, I recommend that you should buy some shaved tunas, which come out when tunas are sliced and shaped. (shaved blue-fin tuna:800Yen) Of cause, the shaved tunas have the same level of freshness and taste.

Shop Name Uomaru Shoten
Phone +81-6-6641-1595
Address 1-17-7,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM6:00-PM5:00
Closed Sun. National Holidays
Payment Cash only

■Sengyo Kawasaki

This shop is an old shop providing seasonal fishes which has more than 60 years history.

The shop mainly provides natural fish of the sea near the shore in each season.

Although aquaculture technologies have developed in recent years, is making it possible to eat delicious fish all year around, I realized once again the deliciousness of seasonal natural fish.

At the shop, customers can taste its special selection of seafood with cheap price. The kind owner gives some advice for you.

Sea urchin is very popular, which is possible to be eaten any time throughout the year. The very fresh one is particular. (Sea urchin:1,500Yen)

Big size oysters are also popular. They are providing the fresh on each season. (Oyster:500Yen-)

Shop Name Sengyo Kawasaki
Phone +81-6-6643-3332
Address 2-3-3,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM10:00-PM6:00
Closed Sun. National Holidays
Payment Credit cards & E-money are accepted

■Fujino Sengyo

The Grilled seafood is exquisite! This is the Japanese seafood BBQ!

Customers are supposed to choose what they want to eat from fish products being displayed at the shop and have those grilled in a charcoal fire. The skewered grilled ones are suitable when you want to eat while walking. Although it’s narrow space, you can sit and eat at the eat-in-corner there.

Of course, popular menu is Sea urchin and oyster. Very flesh ones which are edible with raw at the shop.

It depends on the time and size but the prices are reasonable. (Sea urchin:800-3,000Yen/oyster:500-1,000Yen)

Shop Name Fujino Sengyo
Phone +81-6-6647-2950
Address 1-21-34,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:30-PM5:00
Closed irregular holidays
Payment Cash only


We can see the staff removing the shell of Sea urchin, it’s like a performance show.

Everyday, the shop has fleshly sea urchin. The staff will be removing the shells when receiving orders. Many customers take videos while the staff is removing them.

If you don’t like raw one, you can ask to have it grilled sea urchin. Of course you can eat flesh one, too. (Sea urchin:1,000-3,000Yen)

Scallop is also popular item at the shop. Same as sea urchin case, it is going to be removed the shells. People must be crazy for grilled ones in a charcoal fire with butter and soy source.

You may have a chance to eat especially big size one in February and March. (scallop:500-1,500Yen)

Shop Name Uofuku
Phone +81-6-6631-9294
Address 2-3-7,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:00-PM4:00
Closed irregular holidays
Payment Cash only


This is the place that you can enjoy high quality sushi.

There are 30 seats in the eat-in space, customers can take some times to enjoy eating seafood dishes.

Various kinds of seafood is there like Pacific blue-fin tuna, salmon, Sea urchin, etc. It’s good for customers that they can eat these flesh seafood by favorite ways like Sushi, Sashimi, seafood bowl.

Of cause, Sea urchin is popular. The shop always stocks the best one of each season. (Sea urchin:1,500Yen)

Salmon is the popular ingredient for sushi. (Sushi-salmon:1,000Yen)

As you know “Otoro” blue-fin fatty tuna is popular part of them, you can eat it with reasonable prices. (Otoro:1,500-2,000Yen)

Shop Name Maguro-no Entoki
Phone +81-6-6643-2889
Address 1-21-7,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM8:00-PM4:00
Closed Sun. National holidays ※Wed. is irregular holidays
Payment Credit cards & E-money are accepted

■Kuromon Sampei

The real pleasure of market! You can eat flesh seafood at this shop.

Inside the shop, it’s spacious and various kinds of seasonal seafood are there and eat-in space is fully provided so that you can eat the dishes there.

You can also choose the favorite way of eating from following; sushi, grilled, sashimi, donburi, etc.

Throughout the year, crabs are popular and other seasonal flesh fish are always there anytime you visit.

Shop Name Kuromon Sampei
Phone +81-6-6634-2611
Address 1-22-25,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:00-PM6:30 ※Eating space is available until PM6:00(Reservations is not accepted)
Closed Obon,Year-end & New-year holidays
Payment Credit cards & E-money are accepted


The shop where you can enjoy “Hama-yaki”-grilled seafood.

Although the large amount of shops are in the market, the Red color of crabs lined up at the shopfront draws our attentions. They will start cooking after get orders, you can eat freshly grilled.

Why don’t you find your favorite one among various kinds of seafood in stocks?

The popular menu is extra-large-size-crabs. The price depends on the size. Your stomach and eyes would be satisfied.

Phone +81-6-6647-5677
Address 2-2-1,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:00-PM6:00
Closed None
Payment E-money is accepted

■Takagi Suisan

The original source is the key to its deliciousness. The shop is Unagi (an eel) restaurant that has good cost performance.

“Japanese eel” has an image as the special dish for Japanese but you can eat them with low price.

The secrets of the taste are both quality of the eel and sweet boiled-down source. The NOREN at the entrance of the shop gives good impression.

The special lunch menu, “Una-donburi” (Bowl of eel and rice) is especially popular. We often see customers making a long line wanting for its reasonable priced una-donburi. (special lunch menu:850yen)

Shop Name Takagi Suisan
Phone +81-6-6634-8018
Address 2-3-18,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM10:00-PM5:00 ※Sun. & National holidays AM10:00-PM3:00
Closed irregular holidays
Payment Cash only

■Maguro-do Kashin

A new shop joined in KUROMON MARKET! The shop is proud of its delicious tuna and salmon.

The new shop has opened in the market although there are lots of long-established shops. If you think you would like to try visiting a shop which nobody has been there, you should definitely try.

The cheerful owner is welcoming you. A stuffed fish for taking photos is provided at the shop. Let’s take some souvenir pictures in commemoration of your visit to KUROMON MARKET!

I definitely recommend that you should try tuna. The price depends on the time, they stock the best one for the day. Salmon which popular among women is also sold.

You can enjoy taking time for eating there as eat-in space is provided. It’s a high cost performance shop although it’s new in the market.

Shop Name Maguro-do Kashin
Phone +81-6-6105-1894
Address 1-22-29,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM8:00-PM6:30
Closed None
vPayment E-money is accepted

There are about 150 shops in KUROMON MARKET, we guess you might be able to find your favorite ones except the shops & stores we have already introduced this time. All the staff at the market are dealing with you cheerfully and frankly. Their powerful and positive service to you is so called “city of merchants -Osaka” makes us forget the language problem. Why don’t you enjoy your conversation with staffs there in addition to eat delicious foods?

*The information herein is as of January 2020.