Locals’ recommendations best 7! Sweets shops in ”KUROMON MARKET” – Full of local gourmets

”KUROMON MARKET” is fanous for eating around. Most visitors there tend to enjoy eating seafood or beef, but you can enjoy various kinds of high quality sweets and fruits, too. I’m going to tell you as a local in Osaka about nice sweets suitable for your being a bit hungry.

■Kuromon-ichiba MARU

Must eat for fruits lovers! At “Kuromon-ichiba MARU”, sweets are served in real fruits’ cups.

You can choose a melon which you want to eat. Various kinds of melons all around Japan are purchased in stocks corresponding to seasons and every morning, the sugar content of those are measured and displayed.

I saw many people taking photos as this real fruits’ cup looks gorgeous and photogenic.

Many Japanese TV and magazines often featured the shop. MARU is popular shop in Osaka and it’s selected for Junior Grand Prix at ”Akinai Grand Prix”.

The most popular menu is “Maru-maru Melon Soft” which is half-cut melon with original milky soft ice cream topped on.

This milky soft ice cream is exquisite because of the effort of their repeating trial and error for making soft ice cream which really goes with melons. Many people come to the shop just for getting only this soft ice cream.

In these days, although some similar shops opened in the neighborhood, I definitely recommend this exquisite one at the shop.

Shop Name Kuromon-ichiba MARU
Address 2-11-8, Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM10:00-PM5:00
Closed Irregular holidays
Payment Cash only


Locals come for purchasing gifts! A long-established high grade fruit shop.

Daiwa-kaen mainly deals with high-grade fruit having been loved among locals as a gift shop.

Recently, high-grade fruits and cakes made of fresh selected fruits, and baked confectioneries are popular there.

Also, you can enjoy high-grade seasonal fresh juice.

“Kaen Roll” which is made of some fruits are especially popular and sometimes they are sold out.(1 Kaen Roll:1,242Yen) Melon is especially popular among various fruits.

They are stocking the best ones for each season and serve you cut-fruits of your purchased one on the spot. (whole one melon:5,400~16,200yen, cut melon:1,000Yen)

Shop Name Daiwa-kaen
Phone +81-6-6633-1095
Address 1-22-20,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:00-PM6:00
Closed Sun. 1/1-1/4
Payment Credit cards accepted

■Produce Market Yasui

The shop has homely atmosphere which is selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cut-fruits, some kinds of juices, soft ice cream, baked sweet potatoes, etc are here.

The shop also provides service appropriate to Halal foodstuffs, Muslims would enjoy the food with no anxiety there. Even the baked sweet potatoes, many kinds are on the shelves.

Here’s soft ice-cream cones are langue de chat-type, popular ones. You can enjoy traditional Japanese tastes like Matcha. (Premium fresh soft ice cream:550Yen)

Cut fruits which is selected each season are also popular.

Shop Name Produce Market Yasui
Phone +81-6-6631-7483
Address 2-3-5,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:00-PM5:30 ※Sun.&National Holidays AM9:00-PM3:00
Closed Sun.(once a month)
Payment Credit cards and E-money are accepted


It has more than 80 years history, providing both Japanese and western sweets. One of the popular menu is Manju.

The shop specialty is Manju but the shop makes some cakes using fresh fruits, too.

There are many kinds of cakes like special strawberry shortcake, which a strawberry-cake being covered over with rice cake, seasonal cakes, and so on.

” Soba Mochi” is the flagship product. It’s one of the Manju products, carefully selected strained bean paste is used for them. It’s popular for souvenir because that its best-before date is about 10 days from the purchase. (Soba Mochi:135Yen)

Shop Name Naniwaya
Phone +81-6-6641-4727
Address 2-10-1,Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:00-PM6:00
Closed Irregular holidays
Payment Cash only


Here’s selling seasonal Japanese sweets and rice cakes which has high quality ingredients and all handmade.

At the front, there are lots of fresh Japanese seasonal sweets on the shelves. Inside the shop, there are various kinds of confectioneries, which are made from the ingredients like green tea, wasabi, etc. You can buy some kinds of sweets; from snacks for eating while walking to confectioneries for gifts.

Ichigo-Daifuku is one of the popular products which have many repeated customers. The tender sweet bean pastes go with strawberries well. (Ichigo-Daifuku:210Yen)

Kinako-Mochi is also popular, which is being produced putting kinako on Mochi (rice cake)at the front.(Kinako-Mochi:small 200Yen/big 380Yen)

Shop Name Mitoya
Phone +81-6-6641-0454
Address 1-22-21, Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM8:30-PM7:00 ※Sun.&National Holidays AM9:30-PM6:00

Closed 1/1-1/4
Payment Credit cards & E-money are accepted

■Hana no Ki

You must try one when you feel a bit hungry. Local dishes in Osaka like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, etc are there!

My recommendations when you feel a little hungry are Osaka-local-dishes like takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The smell of its source facilitates your appetite.

The takoyaki at the shop is typical Osaka’s. The outside is crispy, and the inside is fatty texture. When I tried okonomiyaki, I could feel the sweetness of cabbage.

On the surface of the “Obanyaki” which are baked at the shop, an image figure of “Mo-on Chan” (a mascot character of KUROMON MARKET) is inscribed. This product has two type of fillings; Anko (sweet bean paste) and custard.

The dough is tender and moist, goes well with its not too much sweet filling. (Oobanyaki:130Yen)

Shop Name Hana no Ki
Phone +81-6-6641-1069
Address 1-21-3, Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:00-PM6:00
Closed Sun. National Holidays
Payment Cash only


Try it if you are sure to want some coffee with sweets. It’s for coffee lovers.

They carry many kinds of coffee beans around the world. The coffee is dripped by ways that are suitable for characteristics of each bean.

You can buy some coffee in paper cup to go for some snacks while walking, buy filters to enjoy coffee at the hotel, and so on. Some people get them for their souvenirs.

The take-away coffee is made of beans which they recommend. The details are shown at the storefront.

You can buy right after roasted-coffee beans and take home. If you are a coffee lover, why don’t you go and try the shop for a breather? (Take-away coffee:220Yen)

Phone +81-6-6649-8477
Address 1-22-18, Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours AM9:30-PM7:00
Closed Obon, New year holidays
Payment Credit cards and E-money are accepted

Speaking of “KUROMON MARKET”, seafood might come to your mind. But in fact, against your image, there are various kinds of shops there, and the space is rather huge. It might be fun to drop by ”KUROMON MARKET” have some sweets for a quick bite between the meals.

The market has a long history, but it has been changing and updating in accordance with the times. In these days, you can see the current craze being on shelves of shops there.

You shouldn’t miss the sweets at the market which is particular about the quality of foods. Let’s try and find your the best.

*The information herein is as of January 2020.