“Kobe Animal Kingdom” where you can see and interact with popular animals like capybaras, endangered shoebills.

Kobe Animal Kingdom is an all-weather facility with the theme “this is the place where flowers, animals and humans interact together”. Interior of premises, the huge glass house of 15,000㎡ and the outdoor space of 10,000㎡. It is so called the zoo and botanical garden, where 600 animals categorized 110 species are living, and various flowers of 1,000 kinds, for example begonias, fuchsias and impatiens are seasonally in full bloom throughout the year.

You can enjoy touching popular animals like alpacas and capybaras or watch Birds’ and dogs’ performance shows being conducted every day. When you watch the shows, you sure to tell their high physical abilities and intelligence. So, at the facility, each generation- little children to elderly people, would enjoy the attractions.

I’ve been talking how you can enjoy watching rare animals and interactions with cute animals at “Kobe Animal Kingdom“ so far, there are still other attractive points!

Anyway, first of all, Let’s get on “port liner” from Sannomiya Station where is at the center of Kobe.

Take it bound for Kobe Airport and get off ”Kei computer-Mae” station in 15 minutes.

When going down from the steps, you will see “Kobe Animal Kingdom” there.

Now, Let’s go inside!

Inside the zoo, you can see the poster hanging “Where are you from? Visitors are allowed to put the seals on the part of home country on it.

Try to put a seal on the part of your home country when you visit there.

Just a little walk from the entrance, you will get ”Cats & Dogs Touching Area”.

Maybe you can enjoy play with dogs!

Friendly, cute cats and dogs might heal you.

The cute cats-motif souvenirs are below↓

These are cat’s paw pads-motif cookies, which are cute and very popular among female customers.

Next one is the most popular item!

Capybara-motif cookies

Plane and cocoa flavor cookies are made to shape of capybara’ face, this product sells well
as it is cute and has quite an impact, especially popular among the Taiwanese.
They said 700 pieces cookies were sold a month before. The attraction which you can try to give the capybara bamboo leaves is also popular there.

This one is the second popular item↓

Shoebill-shape KASUTERA-YAKI

This product sells well especially in winter. The box has a strong impact too.

This box contains six pieces of each chocolate and custard flavor -KASUTERA-YAKI

Illustrations of shoebill are in all parts of the box.

As the matter of fact, there are only six zoos in Japan we can see shoebills.

Although shoebills are famous as the animals which do not move, they have a kind of habit bowing to express love. Gap between their cute action and scary faces draws attentions from many people.

”Swamp in Africa” the home of the shoebills, cute animals in pictures below are also living. ↓

Ring-tailed lemurs have a long tail which are longer than their lengths. They are social animals and live in a group. They look cute asking for feed when the breeder passes by.

The next is the one that would give the most impact in the facility↓

BINTU-RONG BAUMKUCHEN! This product is considerably… looooong. lol

It has 60㎝ long, longer than the woman’s arm!

Many visitors said they bought it to surprise their friends, a foreign guests did buy 6 pieces!

Such binturongs are in ”Asian Woods” in the facility.

Lesser pandas are also near, you might watch the breeder feeding them if you are in luck!

Regarding the binturongs, shoebills, and ring-tailed lemurs, in the facility, you can enjoy tasting interesting foods below.↓

(Left) Bintu Dog
(Upper right) Shoebill Coffee
(Lower right) Waowao Roll

“Bintu Dog” is long-length hot dog made of black bread tasted curry source.
“Waowao Rall” is roll of bread with staffed custard cream inside whose figure is ring-tailed lemur-motif.

Both of them have a strong impact, and really popular among parents with children.

Shoebill Coffee is also popular. They provide many instagram-worthy products.

The below products that contains the clump of animals are popular too↓

A box of “Rokkaku Print Cookies” contains 30 pieces of cookie, and each face of these has the picture of an animal. “Rokkaku Print Cookies” and “Print Langue De Chat” is suitable as a distributing gift for many people.

The rare animal drops. A coke-taste-drop is a lucky one. It’s popular among boys because they enjoy what taste-drop they will pick it out.

Some items with the wolf figure are one of the Kobe Animal Kingdom’s popular line of products.
The wolves at there look cute and are popular among visitors there, you might have some scary image about wolves though.

“Camel-Ride” that you can ride Bactrian camel is also a popular attraction. You will have fun with an unusual comfortable moving and difference of your eye height.

At the outside park, bactrian camels are there, you can enjoy playing with alpacas or kangaroos, that’s popular among little children and couples.

Furthermore, at the aqua valley area, you can try feeding cape penguins and harbor seals!

Kobe Animal Kingdom where various animals are living holds a lot of events
throughout the year.

Many other cute or rare animals are waiting for you there!

Why don’t you buy some interesting souvenirs boastfully talking about your experience with the animals there?

Kobe Animal Kingdom
Address 7-1-9,Minatojima-minami-Machi, Chyuo-ku, Kobe City
Business hours 通常(Mar.~Nov.)
【Weekdays】 PM10:00-PM5:00(Entrance permits before PM4:30)
【Sat. Sun. & National holidays】 PPM10:00-PM5:30 (Entrance permits before PM: 5:00)
Winder-season (Dec.~Feb.)
【Weekdays】 PM10:00-PM4:30(Entrance permits before PM4:00)
【Sat. Sun. & National holidays】 PM10:00-PM5:00(Entrance permits before PM4:30))
※Please note that in Winter-season, business hours are 30 min. shorter than usual.
Closed Irregular holidays

*The information herein is as of January 2020.