Let’s go to Akashi City, Hyogo, to eat genuine sushi. ~Using coupons, bring luxury close to you~

Even saying “Japanese food means sushi,” does not sound exaggerated, sushi has been the a representative of Japanese food, and it is always in a higher rank of what foreigners want to eat in Japan. Although nigiri-zushi is the representative, actually, there is a variety of sushi including inari-zushi, oshi-zushi, and bara-zushi in Japan.

Akashi City has long been famous for its fishing industry due to its location, being in the south part of Hyogo, across from Awajishima island, and facing the Inland Sea extending east and west.

It is about 15 minutes away from Kobe by Special Express train, and about 40 minutes from Osaka. In fact, it is a place of easy access. Even it takes only 25 minutes to Himeji by Special Express train. Therefore, you can visit Akashi on the way back after sightseeing at Himeji castle.

In this Akashi, coupons called “waza no ippin (or great item of skills)” have been issued for not only Japanese but also foreigners to wash away the high class and expensive images of sushi.

How to use it Together with the coupon, you would receive the leaflet showing the lists of items and shops you can use the coupons for. Please choose your favorite item or shop which meets the amount of your coupon. Exchanging with the coupon, you can get your choice of “sushi of Akashi.”
Price You can choose from either ¥2,000 or ¥3,000 or ¥5,000.
Shops subject of those coupons 11 shops serving sushi around Akashi station (within walking distance)
Place of sale AKASHI Information (1-1-23 Piore AKASHI Western Bld., Oakashicho, Akashi City)

Akashi tourism association office (7th floor, ASPIA Akashi North building,
6-1 Higashinakano-cho, Akashi-shi)

These coupons are very attractive. Here is the details of the shops which accept them.

①Akashi Kikusui ~Sakuracho main branch~
③Hiruamizushi Honoka
④Ryoshi-zushi Kairenmaru
⑧Sushidokoro Sakedokoro Dojo
⑩Sushi Takumi

①Akashi Kikusui ~Sakuracho main branch~

Established in 1950, “Akashi Kikusui” is located on a back street quietly. Their sushi with fresh fish caught in the Inland Sea and you can eat only here are all great. The ingredients which the owner tried first and was convinced with, are made into beautiful sushi with their careful work. You can experience very Japanese atmosphere inside the restaurant presenting high quality image.

(¥2,000 coupon) Assorted

This includes 4 nigiri-zushi, 4 oshi-zushi, and thin rolls together with akadashi soup. You can easily enjoy the taste of Kikusui.

(¥3,000 coupon) Jo-chirashi

Beautiful dish with ingredients of the season scattered, and handmade oboro (grinded fish meat) sprincled. It comes with akadashi soup.

(¥5,000 coupon) Tokujo-nigiri

Tokujo-nigari comes with 8 nigiri-zushi and 2 rolls in which today’s best ingredients are used. Served with akadashi soup.

※All the coupons Time of offer /11:00~14:00.

Name of the restaurant Akashi Kikusui ~Sakuracho main branch~
TEL +81-78-911-3355
Address 12-22 Sakura-cho, Akashi-shi, Hyogo-ken
Business Hours AM11:00~PM2:00/PM4:00~PM9:00(L.O.PM8:30)
Closed Mondays
Access 5-minute walk from JR “Akashi station” and “Sanyo Akashi Station” on Sanyo line.


Using seafood of the season caught in Akashi and fresh seasonal fish, “Shinwa” is the place where you can eat delicious ingredients in the best style. Located inside Uo-no-tana shopping arcade in front of Akashi station, it is a cozy and homey place, having only 8 seats at the counter. They have local sake of Akashi. It is a right place for those who enjoy sushi of Akashi with a small number of people.

(¥2,000 coupon) Shinwa course

A set of 5 nigiri-zushi, 2 thin rolls, a side dish, a plate of raw fish, and akadashi soup. It is a substantial course.

(¥3,000 coupon) Jo-nigiri course

This quality course comes with 8 nigiri-zushi with well-selected ingredients of the season and a roll together with a side dish and akadashi soup.

(¥5,000) Omakase course ※Reservation required

Kaiseki-like dish coming with 6 nigiri-zushi is decided when you make a reservation.

※ All the coupons Time of offer/Within business hours

Name of the restaurant Shinwa
TEL +81-78-914-7155
Address 1-1-20 Honmachi, Akashi-shi
Business Hours PM12:00~PM2:30、PM5:30~sold out(Sundays and public holidays PM12:00~PM8:00)
Closed Mondays (If a public holiday comes on Monday, then, it is closed on the following day.)
Access 4-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines

③Hiruamizushi Honoka

“Hiruamizushi Honoka” is located in the middle of Uo-no-tana shopping arcade. As the shop name indicates, they stick to the ingredients caught at Hiruami of Akashi, and are confident of the taste of the season and freshness. The 1st floor is with counter seats and 2nd floor has Japanese style rooms. So, you can feel easy to visit with a small group or with children. West side of the shop is a Japanese restaurant where the son of the owner is showing his cooking skills, and a variety of fish dishes are served.

(¥2,000 coupon) Omakase nigari course

This course comes with 8 nigiri-zushi and akadashi soup. You can easily enjoy sushi of Akashi in which seasonal ingredients are used.

(¥3000 course) Akashi aji-kurabe course

This includes 3 kinds of Sea bream sushi, 3 octopus, 3 anago, and side dishes. You can enjoy specialties of Akashi.

(¥5,000 course) Honoka course ※reservation required

Including 12 nigiri-zushi, anago (or conger eel) tempura, boiled dish of bony parts of sea bream, and soft boiled octopus, this is the best course both in quality and quantity.

※¥2,000 and ¥3,000 coupons Time of offer/ 11:30~17:00
※¥5,000 coupon time of offer/ 11:30~14:00 17:00~23:00

Name of the restaurant Hiruamizushi Honoka
TEL +81-78-918-3949
Address 1-2-7 Honmachi, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM11:30~PM11:00(L.O.PM10:30)
Closed Tuesdays
Access 4-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines

④Ryoshi-zushi Kairenmaru

Having thought that “I would like people to eat real delicious fish,” an active fisherman who operates a boat on the sea of Akashi opened the restaurant “Kairenmaru.” He is absolutely confident of the ingredients he selected with his own eyes. Including local sake of Akashi, a variety of sake which “goes well with fish from Akashi” is served here.

(¥2,000 course) Akashi nigari set

A set of 7 nigiri with a side dish and akadashi soup. You can enjoy the charm of Akashi’s fish conveniently.

(¥3,000 course) Kairenmaru nigiri set

A heavy set of 10 nigiri-zushi with well-selected ingredients, a side dish, akadashi soup and a dessert.

(¥5,000 course) Akashi ryoshi (fisherman) set

A powerful set including 10 nigiri-zushi, 3 small dishes, 3 kinds of otsukuri (or raw fish), and assorted tempura is very much like fisherman.

※all the coupons Time of offer/ Within business hours.

Name of the restaurant Ryoushi-zushi Kairenmaru
TEL +81-78-918-0141
Address 1st Floor, Tsuchiya Bldg., 1-13-5 Oakashi-cho, Akashi-shi/td>
Business Hours AM11:30~PM2:30(L.O.PM2:00)/PM5:00~PM11:00(L.O.PM10:30)
Closed Wednesdays
Access 3-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines


The owner, who has been showing his skills inside the counter since 1977 of its establishment, goes to the market every morning and buy fresh ingredients. Since he makes thicker slices, the delicious taste of Akashi fish spreads in the mouth. The menu changing according to the seasons is well accepted by customers as well. Since Akashi City planetarium and Okura beach are near, it is a nice place for meal while sightseeing.

(¥2,000 coupon) Jo-nigiri set

A set of 7 nigiri-zushi and 4 thin rolls with a clear soup. Melting-in-mouth steamed anago (or conger eel) is recommended.

(¥3,000 coupon) Tokujo-nigiri set

It is a set of 10 nigiri-zushi, octopus korokke with large chunks of octopus, dashimaki egg with octopus, and clear soup.

※All the coupons Time of offer/ Within opening hours

Name of the restaurant Uemura-zushi
TEL +81-78-917-0588
Address North Corner, 1st Floor, Seaside Palace Kinmeikan, 22-25 Okuratenjin-cho, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM10:00~PM8:00(L.O.PM7:30)
Closed Thursdays (It is open, when a public holiday comes on Thursday.)
Access approx. 6-minute walk to the south from Hitomarumae station on Sanyo line


Around 5-minute walk from Akashi station, “Sushitake” is located on the small alley extended from the main street. With sushi rice in which particular vinegar is used and thickly sliced ingredients, their fresh sushi is great. Some customers enjoy chatting with the open-minded owner. Would you like to eat sushi of Akashi at the restaurant which has a relaxing and tasteful atmosphere with a counter made of Japanese cypress?

(¥3,000 coupon) Sushitake set ※Reservation required

A set of 10 nigiri-zushi of well-selected ingredients of the day comes with the owner’s vaunted chawanmushi.

※coupon Time of offer/Within business hours

Name of the restaurant Sushitake
TEL +81-78-911-8567
Address 12-6 Sakura-cho, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM11:30~PM2:00(L.O.PM1:40)/PM5:00~PM10:00(L.O.PM 9:30)
Closed Sundays and the 3rd or 4th Mondays
Access 5-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines


“Teiraku” has a cannot-be-ignored counter made of one Japanese cypress which has been used for 70 years since the time of establishment. The ingredients, the third generation owner who loves fishing as well as fish uses, are mainly caught in Akashi. Using the fresh fish of Akashi, best taste of the season is served. Other than sushi, hamo-nabe in summer and uo-chiri, kani-chiri and tecchiri in winter are also popular.

(¥5,000 coupon) ※Reservation required

This course has various dishes includes 7 nigiri-zushi, 3 thin rolls with boiled dish of bony parts of sea bream, takobutsu, isobe-maki of steamed conger eel.

※Coupon Time of offer /Within business hours

Name of the restaurant Teiraku
TEL +81-78-911-8051
Address 1-1-5 Honmachi, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM11:30~PM2:00(L.O.PM1:30)/PM5:00~PM9:00 (It will be closed once all the ingredients are gone.)
Closed Tuesdays and the 3rd Wednesday
Accsess 3-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines

⑧Sushidokoro Sakedokoro Dojo/h2>

Located inside the commercial facility piole Akashi close to Akashi station, “Sushidokoro Sakedokoro Dojo” is an easy-to-visit place regardless of you alone or with friends or family. Prices are reasonably set, and grilled food, boiled food, oden, etc. are also in their menu other than sushi. It is popularly used as izakaya as well among locals.

(¥2,000 coupon) Welcome Akashi set

6 jo-nigiri, 2 “octo thin rolls” with octopus legs, and 2 octo salad rolls come as a set.

※Coupon Time of offer/Within business hours

Name of the restaurant Sushidokoro Sakedokoro Dojo
TEL +81-78-911-8081
Address piole Akashi East building, 1-1-23 Oakashi-cho, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM10:00~PM10:00(L.O.PM9:30)
Closed Same as piole Akashi
Access only a short distance from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines


Located in the middle of the Uo-no-tana shopping arcade, “Sukeroku-gozen” is a suitable place to visit while shopping or sightseeing. Japanese products are well-selected, and as for soup stock, Japanese natural stock is used. Moreover, with thoroughly selected seasonings and water, slow food cooking method is employed. Please try Japanese food of Sukeroku-gozen made with ingredients of the season special to Akashi’s Uo-no-tana.

(¥3,000 coupon) Jo-nigiri set

A set of 8 nigiri-zushi with fresh and bigger-sized ingredients and akadashi soup (or clear soup).

※coupon Time of offer/Within business hours

Name of the restaurant Sukeroku-gozen
TEL +81-78-918-7667
Address 1-1-17 Honmachi, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM11:00~PM8:00(L.O.PM7:30)
Closed Thursdays (If a public holiday comes on Thursday, then, it is closed on the following day.)
Access 4-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines

⑩Sushi Takumi

After 23 years of practice training at long established restaurant of Akashi, Akashi Kikusui, the owner got independent and opened “Sushi Takumi.” Sushi served there is taken care of the feeling of the season. It does not show the stubbornness of usual sushi shop, and there is no logic in the serving order, etc. therefore, customers feel free to eat sushi the way they like. Caring thought of the owner is well accepted by many customers of wide generations.

(¥5,000 coupon) Akashi ※Reservation required

A line-up of Akashi’s allstars, that is, 8 nigiri-zushi, grilled conger eel, sashimi raw fish of sea bream, sunomono (or vinegared) Akashi octopus and akadashi soup.

※Coupon Time of offer/Within business hours

Name of the restaurant Sushi Takumi
TEL +81-78-919-2486
Address (2nd Floor Umeda Bldg.) 3-3 Taruya-machi, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM11:00~PM2:00/PM5:00~PM9:00
Closed Tuesdays
Accsess 10-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines


“Akashi-Uramasa” is the only restaurant in Akashi which has a right to participate in the auction of Akashiura fishery cooperative. So, they make you enjoy the seasonal ingredients mainly with Akashi’s natural fish. The facts that ten minutes after knocking down at Akashiura auction, fish are swimming in the fish tank in the restaurant as well as the skill of the chef who does not waste those best ingredients at all are boasts of the restaurant.

(\5,000 coupon) Akashi-Uramasa set ※Reservation required

A set of 9 nigiri-zushi made mainly with ingredients unloaded at Akashi port together with soft boiled octopus and akadashi soup.

※Coupon Time of offer/Within business hours

Name of the restaurant Akashi-Uramasa
TEL +81-78-917-9955
Address 14-23 Hifumi-cho, Akashi-shi
Business Hours AM11:30~PM2:30(L.O.PM2:00)/PM5:00~PM9:00(L.O.PM 8:30)
Closed Tuesdays
Accsess 16-minute walk from Akashi station on JR and Sanyo lines

Those above are all 11 restaurants around Akashi station where you can use those coupons to enjoy sushi of Akashi.

Approximately 100 kinds of fish per year are unloaded, and fresh and good quality fish are found in Akashi. Therefore, numbers of sushi restaurants has been necessarily opened there and has prospered for a long time.

Using the coupons introduced here, why don’t you change your impression of sushi from something with high threshold to something you can easily enjoy.
For foreigners to use those coupons actively, they are also written in English and traditional Chinese as well as Japanese.

【Restaurants subject of coupons】 11 sushi restaurants around Akashi station

Akashi-Uramasa/Akashi Kikusui Sakuracho main branch/Uemura-zushi/Shinwa/Sukeroku-gozen/Sushi Takumi/Sushitake/Sushidokoro Sakedokoro Dojo/Teiraku/Hiruami-zushi Honoka/ Ryoshi-zushi Kairenmaru (in Japanese alphabetical order)

*The information herein is as of February 2020.