【Osaka】 You would lose if not eating these! 8 reasonable steaks recommended by locals of Osaka who place importance on good value for money

“WANOMIYA Dotonbori main shop”
“Wolfgang steak house Osaka”
“1 Pound Steak Hambagu-Takeru Nihonbashi Ota-road Shop”
“Teppan ryori kobo Buon’agio”
“Sumiyaki steak and wine ROMAN-TEI”
“Steak House WA-GOU”
“quatre lapin”

As the best gourmet place in Japan, Osaka has a lot of restaurants serving delicious food! It is not exaggerated to say you never fail whichever restaurant you choose.

You would have a hard time to decide the place with so many choices of nice restaurants! Not only tourists but even locals have a headache to select where to eat.

Here, among those nice and delicious restaurants, I present 8 steak restaurants selected by locals of Osaka.

■World top dealer of Kobe beef which has been loved for 150 years! “WANOMIYA Dotonbori main shop” run by Kissho Group.

You can have Kobe beef, known as luxury foodstuff in the world, for the price within your reach. To enjoy its feature, that is, sweetness of fat and a nice fragrance, steak is the best, since it gives you the original taste of beef.

Having walk-and-eat items of Kobe beef at the food stall when feeling a little hungry, or taking time to enjoy teppanyaki inside the restaurant, you can use this shop according to your purpose.

Their staff have rich knowledge about Kobe beef. So, both at the restaurant and food stall, they can give you suggestions, regarding the best parts and ways of eating.

The restaurant has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere and is a nice place for dating. Since they grill on the iron plate in front of you, it is also an entertainment for your eyes.

Shop Name WANOMIYA Dotonbori main shop
Tel +81-6-6212-2933
Address 1-5-2 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Business Hours AM12:00-PM12:00
Closed N/A
Payment credit cards accepted, smartphone accepted

■Large and filling meat! “Wolfgang steak house Osaka” serving reasonable courses as well.

With relaxing atmosphere in a high quality restaurant, you can feel a bit luxurious there. Since they serve a variety of wine as well, it is strongly recommended for those who would like to enjoy beef with wine.

Although inside the restaurant is high-toned, it’s good that the prices are reasonable in fact. A course menu starts from 10,000 yen.

If you cannot make your mind what to eat, then a course is recommended. Their standard course includes an appetizer as well as a dessert, and you can enjoy both seafood and meat.

Staff members politely deal with customers and they can give you suggestions, according to your preference. Since they offer happy hours everyday, you can visit without hesitation whenever you want to enjoy luxurious time.

Shop Name Wolfgang’s Steak House Osaka
Tel +81-6-6136-5658
Address 10th Floor, LUCUA 1100, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-0fu
Business Hours AM11:00-PM11:00(Lunch L.O 15:00 /Dinner L.O 22:30)
HAPPY HOUR PM3:00-PM6:00(bar counter only)
Closed Same as LUCUA 1100
Payment Credit cards accepted

■You can ask for a second helping of meat!? A steak restaurant originated in Osaka, “1 Pound Steak Hambagu-Takeru Nihonbashi Ota-road Shop” where you eat steak with the original spice.

The restaurant is often on TV and YouTube. The reason of its popularity is the satisfaction you cannot feel at any other places.

It is not just reasonable, but also at this restaurant you can ask for a second helping, as well as you can make your own spice, by blending some form a variety of spices. In other words, they have unique ways to enjoy steak only found at takeru.

They have a variety of dishes and their hamburg steak is delicious. My favorite among them is “Takeru steak” which gives great value for money.

It is tender despite red meat, and it goes well with their original takeru sauce made with onions. You can eat it with various flavors, so, you can never get bored until last bite.

Shop Name 1 Pound Steak Hanbagu Takeru Nihonbashi Ota-road Shop
Tel +81-6-6643-2929
Address 3-8-21 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Business Hours Lunch AM11:00-PM5:00
Dinner PM5:00-PM11:00(L.O.PM10:30)
Closed Around New Year’s day
Payment Cash only

■After playing all day in the theme park! “Hard Rock CAFE UNIVERSAL CITYWALK OSAKA” where you can enjoy afterglow of the fun you had at the theme park.

You can enjoy the taste of America in the restaurant where the atmosphere makes you feel as if you are in the U.S. Large and reasonable meat is very good to regain your strength when tired after playing.

Since one portion is big like America as well, it is better to order and share, if for a group of women.

It is a nice place not only for adults but also children, as they have a party menu with all you can drink, lovely cocktails, as well as kid’s menu.

Since a coloring sheet on the back of the kid’s menu keeps children busy while waiting for their order, it is good for parents, too.

Tel +81-6-4804-3870
Address 3rd & 4th Floor, UNIVERSAL CITYWALK OSAKATM, 6-2-61 Shimaya, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Business Hours AM11:00-PM11:00(L.O.PM10:00)
Closed N/A
Payment Credit cards accepted

■Value lunch limited to weekends is a must. “Teppan ryori kobo Buon’agio” provide fashionable space where you can eat steak while enjoying the view of Dotonbori river.

Although located at Dotonbori with full of tourists, this restaurant has the atmosphere of hideout. You can enjoy teppanyaki in a relaxing place.

Private room is nice to enjoy your special time, whereas at counter seats you can watch a chef cooking in front of you. Until your dishes are served, it is an entertainment for your eyes.

Steak of well selected Japanese Black regardless of the place of production gives great value for money! Umami of its fat and red meat fills your month.

There is a variety of a la carte dishes. Add some to a course menu, or ordering a lot to share with family or friends, there are different ways to enjoy it.

“Teppanyaki carry” rarely found at other places is nice as the last dish before finish eating, and in fact, many people come again for it.

Shop Name Teppan Ryori Kobo Buon’agio
Tel +81-6-6212-7775
Address 1st Floor, Chiyonoie Bldg. 2-4-10 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Business Hours LUNCH AM11:30-PM2:00(L.O. PM1:30)※Weekends and
Public holidays only.
DINNER PM5:00-PM12:00(L.O. PM10:00)
Closed Wednesday ※If a public holiday comes on Wednesday, it is open.
Payment Credit cards accepted

■Stylish space with an open kitchen! “Sumiyaki steak and wine ROMAN-TEI” serving aged meat with full of umami and a variety of wine which goes well with meat.

As its name indicates, their specialty is sumiyaki or charcoal grilled steak. It offers very good value for money, since its parent company is a total distributer of meat.

High quality beef is well-aged, and when becoming the best to eat, it is served. “Japanese Black Round” has a good balance of fat and red meat. Therefore, it is recommended for those who want to try steak, but do not like fat

They have a variety of alcoholic drink. “Quarter Wine” or 1/4 of the bottle in one glass gives good value for money and is popular among regular customers.

Inside the restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere and it is a nice place for dating. Also, it’s worth checking out a la carte menu and take-out lunch-box menu limited to weekdays.

Shop Name Sumiyaki Steak and Wine, ROMAN-TEI
Address 3-12-4 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Business Hours Mon. – Sat.
LUNCH AM11:00-PM3:00(L.O. PM2:30)
DINNER PM5:30-PM11:00(L.O.PM10:00)
Sun. & Public Holidays
LUNCH AM11:00-PM4:00(L.O.PM3:30)
DINNER PM5:30-PM10:00(L.O.PM9:00)
Closed N/A
Payment Credit cards Accepted

■Suitable for special occasions such as birthday or anniversary. At “Steak House WA-GOU” you can enjoy wagyu beef including Kobe beef with the five senses.

With luxury and relaxing atmosphere and refined hospitality, this place is nice for dating or dining together. Facing the main street, it has an easy access by taxi.

At counter seats, watching the chef cooking in front of you would create lively conversation. A la carte menus as well as excellent courses include seafood and vegetables. For alcohol lovers they offer all you can drink.

Valuable lunch menu is popular among nearby company workers. Although it is a very reasonable lunch, you still feel extravagant as it is earnestly cooked on the iron plate.

Contents of “Chef’s capricious lunch “ which is limited to 10 servings a day, varies from day to day. So, no matter how often you visit, you can still enjoy it without getting bored.

Shop Name Steak House WA-GOU
Tel +81-6-6440-4313
Address 2nd Floor ax Bldg. 2-3-21 Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Business Hours Mon. – Sat.
LUNCH AM11:30-PM2:00(L.O.PM1:30)
DINNER PM6:00-PM11:00
Public Holidays
DINNER PM6:00-PM10:00
Closed Sundays ※If a public holiday comes on the following Monday, then, it is open for dinner on Sunday, but for dinner only, and on the following day it is closed.
Payment credit cards accepted

■A restaurant which is so popular that you cannot get a table without reservation! Reasonable and big volume. You find the best value for money at a French restaurant “quatre lapin.”

This well-established restaurant, where you can enjoy real French cuisine casually, is known to those in the know. It is recommended to make a reservation one month in advance.

It is so popular that it is hard to make a reservation. The reason for that is not only friendly chef and delicious food, but also “surprisingly good value for money.” Large volume of French dishes, which make even men satisfied, are served with reasonable prices.

Weekday only “Steak Lunch” limited to 30 servings per day is so cheap to distrust own eyes, and it makes a long queue every day. You can choose the number of steaks, and one 180 gram steak is only 680 yen. How good the value is for money!

Though it is cheap, the taste is genuine. Good quality of meat is grilled just right. It is very tender with good balance of fat and red meat. So, you can eat one after another. It is a must dish for steak lovers.

Shop Name quatre lapin
Tel +81-6-6343-8663
Address 2nd Floor, Shin Dai Bldg. 1-2-1 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Business Hours Mon. – Fri.
LUNCH AM12:00-PM2:00(L.O.PM1:30)
DINNER PM5:00-PM12:00
DINNER PM3:00-、PM7:30-(2 sessions)
Sun. Catering only
Closed N/A
Payment Credit cards accepted

Once in a while you feel like eating meat, don’t you? A number of restaurants you can visit easily at a time like that is increasing. Meat, sauce, etc., depending on the restaurant, what they are particular about is different. So, it must be fun to try different places to compare one another.

※The information in this page is as of February, 2020.