Yawata City, a very accessible place from Osaka and Kyoto. You can eat Japan’s finest lunch box, “Shokado Boxed Lunch,” made at the finest Japanese kaiseki restaurant “KYOTO KITCHO.”

Yawata City, Kyoto is famous for its national treasure “Iwashimizu-Hachimangu Shrine” and the cherry blossom trees.

Yawata City is a famous tourist spot in Kyoto that is well known to the public, such as “Iwashimizu-Hachimangu Shrine,” one of Japan’s three major Hachimangu shrines, which was designated as a national treasure in 2016, and “Sewaritei,” one of Kansai’s leading cherry trees.

A new sightseeing spot for Kyoto lovers who already gone around the famous places.

This area is recommended for tourists who want to enjoy Kyoto slowly and avoid the bustling tourists area.

Yawata City is a region where three rivers, which are rarely seen on Japan, join together. It is blessed with fertile soil so it has abundant crops such as tea and vegetables.

In the tea plantations that spread over the flow bridge over the Kizugawa River, “Tencha,” a raw material for high-grade Uji matcha, is cultivated. The mineral-rich soil and clean water grow the finest tea leaves.

Japanese tea lovers should definitely visit since the beauty of the landscape and tradition has earned the “Japanese heritage” certification.

“Shokado Boxed Lunch,” where you can easily enjoy authentic Japanese food

Yawata City is the birthplace of “Shokado Boxed Lunch,” a well-known Japanese lunch box.

Shokado Boxed Lunch is a luxurious and beautiful lunch box with traditional Japanese cuisine separated in four well-balanced boxes.

It draws on the flow of kaiseki cuisine cultivated from the tea ceremony culture and contains refined dishes that make use of the flavor of the ingredients and the flavor of the broth.

One of the charms of Shokado Boxed Lunch is that you can enjoy a variety of ingredients at an affordable price compared to kaiseki cuisine, which are high-class course dishes.

At the beginning of the Edo period (about 400 years ago), a monk, “Shokado Shojo,” from Ishimizu Tenmangu Shrine used a farmers seed box as a tool box.

It is said that the beginning of the Shokado Boxed Lunch was when the founder of “KITCHO,” Yuki Teiichi, made improvements and used the box as a “lunch box” when serving food at a large tea party.

“Shokado Boxed Lunch,” was produced by “KYOTO KITCHO,” one of Japan’s leading kaiseki restaurant

At the birthplace of Shokado Boxed Lunch in Yawata City, you can enjoy KYOTO KITCHO’s kaiseki cuisine as a Shokado Boxed Lunch at KYOTO KITCHO Shokado shop.

Next to the restaurant is the Shokado garden and art museum, where you can enjoy a Japanese garden with various kinds of plants all year round.

The Shokado Boxed Lunch at the KYOTO KITCHO Shokado shop contains mainly vegetables and fish that are made in otsukuri (sashimi), hassun (assorted dishes), takiawase (cooked separately but served together), and yakimono (grilled). In addition, white rice, soup bowl, pickles, and desserts are included.

Based on the kaiseki cuisine that creates the Japanese season, the chef uses plenty of seasonal ingredients which the chef itself discusses with the farmers.

“Shokado Boxed Lunch” is a food entertainment where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients and performance.

When the cherry blossoms at Sewaritei are in full bloom from March to May with new green leaves, they use bamboo shoots from Yawata City.

When the bamboo shoots are dug out, it will be degraded when it is exposed to the light so it needs to be managed carefully when the bamboo shoots are freshly dug out and not get exposed to the light which then are quickly received to not degrade the bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots, which are rich in nutrients from the soft Yawata soil, are one of the most delicious vegetables among Yawata’s specialty products.

In summer, a special plate is used to create a refreshing performance and in autumn, takiawase, using the taste of autumn such as Yawata specialty taro and seasonal mushroom is popular.

In winter, ingredients that warm up the body, such as water-rich exquisite radish and root vegetables with increased sweetness are prepared.

Shokado Boxed Lunch is a food entertainment that creates the Japanese season.

Not only the taste but also the steam when opening the lid, the smell of the ingredient for each season and the gorgeous appearance are the real pleasure.

Shokado boxed lunch is available in two types, “Shokado Boxed Lunch” 5,100 yen (tax included) and “Miyabi” 8,300 yen (tax included). The ingredients differ depending on the price.

When you order “Miyabi,” you can use the tatami room. Since it is a horigotatsu (sunken floor), you can put your legs down the floor to sit more comfortably.

Note about the business hours

When using the private room, daytime is a two-part system from 11:00AM-1:00PM or from 1:00PM.

If you want to use a tatami room, please make a reservation in advance by phone.

Evening meals must be made by reservation only and must be booked at least 3 business days prior to arrival.

The garden light up and events are held depending on the season, so please check the homepage.

KYOTO KITCHO Shokado convenient access

The “KYOTO KITCHO Shokado” is easily accessible from Osaka and Kyoto.

Get off at Kuzuha Sta. on the limited express train of Keihan Main Line.

From the Kuzuha Sta., take the Keihan bus “Kuzuha Hachiman #32 bound for Keihan Yawata” or Yamanote #67 bound for Kintetsu Shintanabe” and get off at “Oshiba/Shokado-mae.”

As soon as you reach the main street, you will see the Shokado Garden and art museum where the “KYOTO KITCHO Shokado” is located.

If you go a little further from Kyoto or Osaka, you can see the relaxed neighborhood where local people usually live.

Yawata City has many sightseeing spots including the national treasure “Iwashimizu-Hachimangu Shrine” and the “Sewaritei” cherry blossoms.

Enjoy the Shokado Boxed Lunch of KYOTO KITCHO at the charming Yawata City.

Restaurant Name KYOTO KITCHO SHokado
Phone Number +81-75-971-3311
Address Ominaseshi 43-1, Yawata City, Kyoto (inside Shokado Garden / Museum)
Business Hours < Lunch >
11:00AM-2:30PM (L.O. 2:30PM)
< Café >
*Advance reservation required from 5:00PM (L.O. 7:30PM)
*Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance prior to your arrival date.
Closed Days Every Monday (the following day when Monday is a holiday)
Thursday Evening (closed after 3:30PM)
Dec. 27 – Jan. 6

*The information herein is as of March 2020.