Six Yakiniku Restaurants Recommended by Locals to Eat Delicious Yakiniku in Osaka!

Osaka has many delicious gourmets such as okonomiyaki, skewers, and takoyaki.

Above all, there are many yakiniku restaurants in different areas and it is a popular gourmet food with locals.

This time, we will introduce delicious yakiniku restaurant recommended by the locals in Osaka.(^^)/

1. Yakiniku Daibokujyo
2. Kurobekoya Shinsaibashiten
3. Yakiniku Dorago Namba Soemonchoten
4. KARUBIYA Umedaten
5. Sumi Yaki Mizu Shichirin Yakiniku Sho Tajima
6. Iwasaki Jyuku Namba Store

Yakiniku Daibokujyo

“Daibokujyo” is a place where you can enjoy special black beef and seafood. Nihonbashi is also famous as a tourist spot and many tourists visit every day.

All-you-can-eat chicken, pork, seafood and hormones including the kuroge wagyu is popular!

You can enjoy one dish at a time and dessert to the fullest.

In addition to all-you-ca-eat, you can eat specialty steaks such as sirloin and misuji.

You can eat it with the secret “Daibokujyo” sauce or with salt. The meat is delicious enough to catch your attention.

There are also private rooms in the luxurious restaurant so even those with children can spend a relaxing time.

It is opened during lunch so you can enjoy authentic meat from daytime!

Restaurant Name Yakiniku Daibokujyo
Phone Number 06-6214-5529
Address 2F JOLLY Building, 1-5-10 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Opening Hours Lunch 11:00AM-3:00PM (L.O. 2:00PM)
Dinner 5:00PM-12:00AM (L.O. 11:00PM)
Closed Days 365 days open
Payment Cash or Credit Card

Kurobekoya Shinsaibashiten

If you want to eat delicious yakiniku to satisfy your stomach, go to “Kurobekoya Shinsaibashiten.”

There are three types of all-you-can-eat and the most popular is “premium all-you-can-eat (4,500 yen),” which allows you to eat 93 items such as salty beef tongue and harami (skirt steak).

It is a course menu where you can enjoy the high-grade taste of meat purchased mainly in Kyushu, where you can enjoy the difference between the tenderness, umami and sweetness.

The salad, kimchi and desserts are also all-you-can-eat as well as meat so it is perfect to fulfill your stomach.

The restaurant is just one-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station and very convenient. The restaurant is spacious where friends, couples and even children can easily go.

Restaurant Name Kurobekoya Shinsaibashiten
Phone Number 06-6121-5801
Address 1F,2F 1-2-8 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Opening Hours Lunch
11:30AM-2:30PM (L.O. 2:00PM)
5:00PM-11:30PM (L.O. 10:30PM)
Closed Days Monday
Payment Cash or Credit Card

Yakiniku Dorago Namba Soemonchoten

“Dorago” is a yakiniku restaurant produced by a former wrester, TakatoRiki.

You can fully enjoy the taste of meat because the former wrester is particular about food.

The thick meat series is popular such as beef tongue, kalbi (beef ribs), harami (skirt steak) and fillet. The impactful series is very tender and the smell of the delicious meat spreads in your mouth.

In addition, grilled shabu using cows that only few hundred go to the market a year is the most delicious when eaten with plenty of sukiyaki sauce and eggs.

The original blend of salt and pepper with three kinds of recommended rock salt will enhance the meat’s original taste to the utmost in any part of the meat.

Apart from the regular menu, there are also secret menu such as the legendary brand beef so you can enjoy meat that you cannot taste at other restaurants.

Restaurant Name Yakiniku Dorago Namba Soemonchoten
Phone Number 06-6226-7863
Address 5-2 Soemonchoten, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Opening Hours PM6:00-AM4:00 (L.O.AM3:30)
Closed Days Irregular Holidays
Payment Cash, Credit Card or Electronic Money


If you want to go to all-you-can-eat yakiniku in Umeda, go to “KARUBIYA!”

They use soft, juicy, Japanese Black Angus beef with a good balance of lean and tenderness.

“KARUBIYA” is a place where you can enjoy delicious lean yakiniku. All-you-can-eat course of beef ribs, beef loin, harami (skirt steak) and hormones starting from 2,780 yen.

You can eat as much as you want so it is perfect for people who want to satisfy their stomach.

In addition to meat, you can eat more than 30 kinds of side dishes such as stewed hamburger mozzarella cheese, stone grilled bibimbap and yukke-style roast beef which are also all-you-can-eat!

If you come to “KARUBIYA,” you will definitely be satisfied with the delicious meat and side dishes.

Restaurant Name KARUBIYA Umedaten
Phone Number 06-6364-7988
Address 7F Kadosho Building, 7-7 Doyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Opening Hours 5:00PM-12:00AM
Closed Days New Year’s Holidays (12/31,1/1)
Payment Cash or Credit Card

Sumi Yaki Mizu Shichirin Yakiniku Sho Tajima

A yakiniku restaurant located in an office area close to the fashionable area, Kitahama.

You can enjoy Miyazaki beef with slightly sweetness at an affordable price. It is gaining popularity by not only the office workers working nearby but also from foreign tourists.

A5 rank Miyazaki beef carefully selected by the owner, who was born in a butcher’s household, has a great reasonable price.

It is grilled with “Mizu Shichirin, which has a rich smell of the charcoal grill and the steam making the meat soft and puffy

If you eat it with the homemade sauce, you will become addictive to Tajima’s yakiniku.

It is a best match with rice and it would be hard to stop eating.

There are many menus such as sirloin steak and seafood so it is nice to be able to eat what you like even when you go with a crowd.

The most popular is “Miyazaki Beef Comparing Course.” It is an all-you-can-eat course where you can choose unusual parts. It is interesting to compare eating various parts.

Hormones are also a must-eat hidden popular menu.

(L.O. Food 11:30PM / Drink L.O. 11:30)

Restaurant Name Sumi Yaki Mizu Shichirin Yakiniku Sho Tajima
Phone Number 06-6263-5151
Address 2F ABC Building, 3-2-8 Azuchimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

Opening Hours
Closed Days 365days open
Payment Cash, Credit Card, or Smartphone payment

Iwasaki Jyuku Namba Store

“Iwasaki Jyuku” has been committed to the wholesale of raw meat for more than 30 years.

Meats developed by a group of professionals who knows everything about eating meat from rare parts, freshness, and to the most delicious recipes, are exquisite.

The quality of the meat and the price that can be made from the wholesale managed store will definitely be satisfying.

Among the many menus, assorted red meat is popular among foreigners that comes with a set of meat with various parts!

You cannot stop eating the juicy and delicious meat.

Hormones are a popular dish among Japanese customers.

Other than meat, draft beer is also reasonable so even if you eat and drink, the price is very surprising.

365 days open


Restaurant Name Iwasaki Jyuku Namba Store
Phone Number 06-6645-0429
Address 3-1-26 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Opening Hours [Mon-Fri]
[Sat, Sun, and Holidays]
Closed Days
Payment Cash, Credit Card or QR Code Payment

All of the restaurants introduced are areas that can be reached by the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line and since it is a train that passes through major spots in Osaka, it is a good location to drop off after sightseeing.

So, why don’t you come to Osaka to eat delicious yakiniku?

*The information herein is as of April 2020.