Popular natural scenic spot in Osaka “Minoh Waterfall”, not only autumn color but ”Aomomiji” is glamorous!

It takes about 30 minutes by train from Osaka City to Minoh City. Minoh is located in northern part of Osaka prefecture. “Minoh Waterfall” is one of the scenic spots of Osaka, which was elected for ”Japanese Top 100 Waterfalls”.

I went on a hike there because I heard some people said that “Aomomiji”-maple trees not yet turned red are also beautiful, I’d had the strong image of its autumn-color leaves though.

You can get a map and brochure at the Tourist Desk which is located near the Minho station.☆ (Here is the (website.)

There is the foot bath at the Information, you can enjoy it before visiting the waterfall while planning your trip, or before on your way back home, you can get some relaxing and recovering from fatigues.

Inside “Minoh Park”, you can enjoy the seasonal scenery: New green leaves in spring, cool of the evening in summer, red-turned color leaves in autumn, snows in winter. It’s good and attractive to us as there are some scenic spots all through the year.

When we walk up on the narrow winding path, we can find some souvenir shops lined up. “Tempura of Momiji” is one of popular souvenirs of Minoh. I sometimes see some walker bought it and eating up all one package while walking.

It’s delicious catchy taste because of its slight sweet coating and crunchy texture.

There are some cafes and restaurants on the way to “Minoh Waterfall”, we can take some rests if you get tired from the long time walk.

Many historical structures are exciting, which are really photogenic. We can enjoy some cuisines at “Kawadoko” (Japanese riverbed) from April to October.

When we continue going a little further, we will see “Minoh Park Insect Museum”. It is one of the Japanese top three insectariums. Many insect researchers have visited there.

Why don’t you drop by if it draws your attention?

When we keep going more and more, we will see ”Ryuanji Temple”. Its lottery was created 400 years ago, and it’s said that the origin of Japanese lottery. They might bring you a great luck.

About 40 minutes walk from the station… “Minoh Waterfall” is here! You hear the sounds of the waterfall around there. My body was resonated with the powerful sound of 33m height-difference-waterfall.

While sitting back on the bench around and having a look at the waterfall getting a lot of minus ion air, you could feel relaxing.

Minoh Waterfall is ordinary walking course for local residents. How I envy them, the beautiful place is near their houses!

Remember to buy some “Tempura of Momiji” for souvenirs when you leave. I recommend you that you should stay one night at hot springs Inn.

I’ll try move around by rental bicycle or car as there are other lots of spots I have not been yet.

    Tips for visit

  • ・Wear sport shoes or suitable shoes for walking on steep slopes.
  • ・Do some measurements for keeping bugs off.
  • ・Non-smoking inside the park. (Penalty fee is to be imposed.)


  • ・Do not feed to Japanese-monkies. (Penalty fee is to be imposed.)
  • ・In case of jumping into wild boars, do not see their eyes and just run away by moving back.

(Although the measurements toward wild animals are being held these days, keep that in your mind for the worst case.)

For more details, access the website of the tourism board (English).

Minoh Waterfall

Address 1-18, Minoho Park, Minoho-City, Osaka
Access From “Osaka-Umeda” St. of Hankyu Railway, take Takarazuka Line and change trains at the St. “Ishibashi-handaimae” to Minoh line and then get off at the St. ”Minoh”. Go out the ticket gate, you can see the path to the waterfall.

*The information herein is as of January 2020.