【Osaka】 Going away a bit from the noise of the city, there is an agriculture park with full of nature! Let’s go to Savor Farm to appreciate seasonal flowers and to harvest fruits and vegetables!

Assuming that those who have been to Kansai many times have already had experiences of standard tourist attractions as well as famous restaurants and specialty shops, and are looking for new attractions of the region.

Here is the recommendation of new experiencing spot for those “versed in Kansai.”

“Tondabayashi City Agriculture Park Savor Farm”is in Tondabayashi City located in the southeast part of Osaka prefecture.

By train, it takes about 30 minutes to Tondabayashi station on Kintetsu Nagano line from Tennoji. Come out from the north exit.

There is a bus rotary after the gate. So, walk approx. 200 meters to the left around it, and you will find a bus stop. Get on the shuttle bus going to the agriculture park Savor Farm.

The total area is 200,000 square meters, or in other words, it is about five times larger than Koshien Stadium in land size.

There are many attractions including the field of seasonal flowers, harvest experience of grapes, strawberries and seasonal vegetables, BBQ with your own ingredients, and the observation deck. Especially the flower field and harvest experience have been very popular.

Among those attractions, the most outstanding in the park is the wide spreading field of flowers located just after the entrance gate!!

Poppies in spring, zinnias in summer, cosmoses in autumn, and rape blossoms in winter are in full bloom, and also there are flower beds full of blooming flowers at every corner of the park.

There are 800 cherry trees of 10 kinds inside the park, and it is simply overwhelming when they are all in full bloom in spring.

Different types of flowers are in bloom, depending on seasons. Therefore, whenever you visit there, you can appreciate beautiful scenery of flowers.

Some visitors take photos which would look attractive on Instagram. There is a rose garden (mid or late May to mid or late October) and fully bloomed roses are worth seeing.

A large picture made with flowers is displayed in the park between early Dec. and February. The animal of the year is designed with ornamental kales.

Display of powerful and huge picture has started since 2001. I heard that some people take photos and use them for their new year’s postcards.

Here comes next is the harvest experience.

■The most popular is strawberry-picking.

It is open from Dec. through May.

Within 30 minutes, you can pick and eat as many as you can. Since the place is under the roof, you do not worry about the weather. It is on a first-come-first served basis, and not with reservation.

So, even if you suddenly got the idea of going for strawberry-picking next day, you can go without any bookings. (Numbered tickets are given in the morning. On weekends and holidays people queue up from early morning.) Since sweetness is concentrated in the bottom edge of strawberry, it is recommended to take hulls off and start from there. Then, the last bite would be the sweetest.

■Grape-picking in summer (July to September)

Wow!! Grape-picking at Savor Farm is all you can eat without time-limit! Moreover, one bunch of grapes is given as a gift! Reservation is not necessary, so, you just pay the picking fee other than the admission fee to Savor Farm. A big sweet grape would fill your mouth. Even small children can pick them easily, it is suitable for those with children. According to the farm staff, weekdays during summer are recommended for foreigners since it is not that busy.

■Then, sweet potato digging in autumn (September to October)!

Sweet potato field is in “Doronko Land” located at the inner part of Savor Farm.

To dig big sweet potatoes with your own hands, strength is required. But when seeing those sweet potatoes you harvested, you would feel the sense of achievement! Staff tells you where to dig, so, even it is your first experience, you can still enjoy.

■Lots of delicious vegetables in winter (November onwards)!

Harvest at Savor Farm is not limited to fruits!

Indeed, there are more crops of vegetables than fruits throughout a year. Especially in winter, there are plenty of tasty vegetables including Chinese cabbages, daikon radishes, potatoes, and broccolis! Please have some experience of harvesting vegetables.

Their cooking classes using fruits picked at the farm is also popular!

Making daifuku Japanese sweets using seasonal fruits.

The instructor directed me how to make it properly, and yes, I made delicious daifuku!

(This is also on a first-come-first-served basis without reseravation.)

Moreover, Savor Farm sells some “local products.”

Strawberry jam as well as grape jam made from the fruits harvested here are popular products.

They are sweet and condense the original taste of fruits.

100 % grape juice made from himrod harvested in the farm has a rich taste which would spread in the mouth. It is very much like eating grapes, and it is one of the strongly recommended items.

↓ Imo jocyu or spirit distilled from their sweet potatoes.

↓ Wine made from Savor Farm grapes.

Both spirit and wine have natural taste of the ingredients and nice smells together with the feature of light touch to the mouth. Why don’t you get them to commemorate your visit to Savor Farm.

Next to the entrance gate is a market called “Nikoniko Ichiba” where locally produced vegetables, etc. are sold.

Also, vegetables from Tondabayashi’s farmhouses sold for reasonable prices there are popular, although they are not Savor Farm products.

Adding to above all, the event called “Savor Farm 4 Major Festivals” is held in each season. Depending on the season, the contents of the event differs, for example, poppy festival and crop experience. It’s your good luck if the day your visit there has some events.

Here at Savor Farm, you can have all the experiences of “seeing,” “touching,” and “eating.” It is an enjoyable place for family with kids, couples, and groups of friends or no matter whom you come with. Would you like to have those experiences at Savor Farm where one full day could not be enough?

Once you just go out a bit from the regular tourist attractions, there is a place where you can have such lovely experience. To make a new memory of Japan, please visit Savor Farm!

Tondabayashi City Agriculture Park Savor Farm
Address 2300 Kannabi, Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka-Prefecture
Business Hours 【Spring and Autumn (April to September)】
AM9:30 – PM6:00 (Last Admission PM5:00)
【Winter (Jan.to Mar. and Oct. to Dec.)】
AM9:30 – PM5:00 (Last Admission PM5:00)
Closed every Monday, (If Monday is on Holiday, then the following day)
Year end and New Year’s holidays (Dec.29 to Jan.3)

*The information herein is as of February 2020.