“Spiritual hometown for Japanese” Ise-jingu shrine, Five popular food you must eat there.

Ise-jingu is a shrine which suddenly became well known with its great history and beautiful nature once after G7 leaders, attending the Iseshima Summit held in 2016, had a visit there. It is located in Ise City, Mie prefecture, and it takes about two hours from central Osaka by express train.

It has over 2000 years of history and is called “Spiritual Hometown for Japanese.” Not to mention locals, every Japanese knows it.

Once you enter the compound, you would be surrounded with sacred atmosphere. Such a historical shrine is also popular for “eating tour”, due to the nearby street called “Okage yokocho.”

Here I introduce some popular shops where you can enjoy eating tour after visiting Ise-jingu.


Recommendation : Korokke

he name of the shop literally means throw away pork, and actually there is an anecdote that beef here is so delicious that customers throw away pork.

It is about the korokke made at this long established meat shop. In front of the shop, smell of deep fried delicious croquettes sharpens appetite. It is great with crisp coating and gentle taste.

Just a right size to fill your stomach when feeling a little bit hungry, and reasonable price make you happy, too. Their wrapping paper which matches well with the elegant street is also lovely.

Name Butasute
Phone +81-596-23-8803
Address 52 Ujinakanokiri-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken (within Okage yokocho)
Opening days and hours 7days a week including public holidays, AM9:30-PM5:30
※L.O. PM5:00 (depending on the seasons)
Regular closing days None

Yokocho-yaki shop

Recommendation: Yokocho-yaki

It has a design of Ebisu-san (God of prosperous business) and Daikoku-san (God of happiness). An (or paste) is filled up inside this slightly sweet dough.

The original is with coarse red bean paste. But my favorite is the one filled with sweet potato paste which is sold only for limited period of fall and winter! Since it is not too sweet, you can still have it even if you don’t have a sweet teeth at all.

Those with green tea paste filling are available in spring, and chocolate, strawberry and black sesame shakes in summer. Its cute design and also the exterior of the shop makes you feel like taking phots.

Name Yokocho-yaki shop
Phone +81-596-23-8855
Address 52 Ujinakanokiri-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken (Inside Okage yokocho)
Opening days and hours AM9:30–PM5:30 (Depending on the season)
Regular closing days None

Tofu-an Yamanaka

Recommendation : Otofu soft

Their doughnut is also nice, my favorite is their otofu-soft. It is a light and healthy, smooth tofu soft ice cream.

They even have a kid size, and it meets your “wish to eat only a bit.”

There are benches inside the shop, so, being time after walking a lot, you can take rest there and enjoy their ice cream. They have cute noren shop curtains at the entrance.

Name Tofu-an Yamanaka
Phone +81-596-23-5558
Address 95 Ujinakanokiri-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken
Opening hours AM10:00 – PM4:00
Regular closing days Thursdays

Meibutsu Henba-mochi

Recommendation: Henba-mochi

It is a long established shop since 1775. Its main branch building still has a remnant of those days. Smooth red bean paste with mild sweetness is wrapped in mochi made from rice flour, and its simple sweet taste goes very well with green tea.

It is a popular souvenir. But, please note that they are fresh products and the expiry date is within two days after production. It would be nice to buy and eat it in the hotel.

Name Meibutsu Henba-mochi
Phone +81-596-25-0150
Address 1-149-1 Ujiurata, Ise-shi, Mie-ken
Opening Hours AM9:00 – PM5:00
※Eating inside the shop AM9:00 –PM4:30
Regular closing days Mondays (If Monday is on a public holiday, then, it is closed next day.)


Recommendation: Akafuku gori

Being referred to “souvenir from Ise must be Akafuku mochi”, it is well-known, and Akafuku mochi itself is so delicious. Fresh ones are soft and it doubles its delicious taste.

I am not very fond of red bean paste, but this one is not too sweet, but smooth in mouth, so, it is very nice.

My recommendation is akafuku gori, limited production only during summer. Red bean paste and mochi are covered with shaved ice, poured with green tea syrup. It is so delicious that I feel like eating it whenever visiting there. It looks very Japanese, and kawaii (cute).

Name Akafuku
Phone +81-596-22-7000
Address 26 Ujinakanokiri-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken
Opening hours AM9:00 – PM5:00
※opening hours can be changed during peak seasons.
Regular closing days Conforming to the event calendar.

Ise-jingu Shrine has been commonly known and loved among Japanese people in its long history. There are many food specialties around there. Please experience the quintessence of Japanese culture in the place called “Spiritual Home for Japanese”.

◎Extra Trivia

Since it is a shrine, “two bows, two claps and a third bow” is the way to worship, just like to visit any other shrines.

But, don’t make your wish immediately, but introduce yourself first. Then, at Shogu, you mention your “gratitude” and at Aramatsurinomiya and Takanomiya, your “oath.”

t is taboo to make your wish at Shomiya. It should be done at Betsugu.

Charge your power by visiting and worshiping the shrine and eating delicious food there. It is just a right place to get rid of everyday fatigue and get refresh.

*The information herein is as of January 2020.