Vegetable sommeliers recommend you enjoy Kyo-yasai! at “TOGIYA”, which is like an ordinary house.

At the restaurant, you can enjoy various kinds of dishes, mainly delicious Kyoto traditional vegetables, local produced ones, and hydroponics, those are being selected by the restaurant’ owner along with meat and fish.People say “hydroponics” are tender and flesh, you could enjoy real tastes of watery vegetables.

The most popular menu is the steamed seasonal variables in SEIRO, which you could enjoy tastes of each vegetable has itself. Lots of vegetables selected by the owner are in it. Also, it really depends the season, you can enjoy uncommon vegetables, for example, butternuts-pumpkins, celeriac-roots, Manganji-togarashies, and shrimp-shaped potatoes.

You can see from its name, butternuts-pumpkins have clammy pulps with nuts flavor, contain sufficient nutrition like vitamin A&E.

And about the celeriac-roots, the flavor is milder than common ones, even the anti-celery can enjoy the tastes. The steamed seasonal variables in SEIRO is the one you should definitely try at TOGIYA.

MOTUNABE-white-miso & soymilk soup is one of the popular menus, it is often featured by Japanese media like T.V. and magazines.

Once you try this special soup, you’ll definitely crazy about it as it is made of Saikyo-miso & White-miso with four kinds of soup stock.

Because of full of organic hydroponics in MOTUNABE, it’s so called a well-nourished. The citrus flavor “Yuzu” is also an effectiveness of the taste.

At the last phase of this NABE, you can choose either of which noodles or rice to put in it. If you don’t like beef tripe, you can choose pork instead. Don’t hesitate to try the special MOTUNABE soup.

It’s known as a special menu to have many repeated customers. You can taste it throughout the year.

Other recommendations are Namafu-Dengaku, Torooriyose-Yuba which are peculiars to Kyoto, and Fuwatoro Dashi-maki, popular among the repeated customers, TANTAN noodle, it’s popular among foreigners.

The chief cook worked for a Chinees restaurant in a famous hotel and then, he trained sufficiently in several restaurants of Sushi, Korean and etc. Those his experiences make it possible for him to provide unique original dishes.

Changing for dietary food for vegetarian, vegan, and Allergy is possible. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Noted that the reservation prior to two days is necessary for vegan MOTUNABE-white-miso & soymilk soup. Inquiries in English is acceptable by phone & E-mail.

The inside is made based on the image of Machiya in Kyoto. And the NORENs, which they use as partitions of customers’ tables are Kyoto traditional fabrics “Nishijin-ori” “Nishijin-ori” is one of famous Japanese traditional arts only being made in Nishijin district in Kyoto.

“Tenugui” being displayed in there are the products of “EIRAKUYA” -the company was established more than 480 years ago.

EIRAIYA’s products are popular among foreign sightseers for its’ Japanese modernistic style design. TOGIYA has a good reputation because customers can really enjoy the Kyoto traditional atmosphere for the owner’s hand-picked items in there.

They have two branches in Kyoto City. TOGIYA Kiyamachioike Br. is very close from Kyotoshiyakusyomae Station, located in Kiyamachi street along with Takase river. The landmark is red lantern.

TOGIYA Karasumarusanjyo Br. is very close on foot from Karasumaoike Station, where is at the center of Kyoto city.

Inside the restaurant, various kinds of souvenirs are on sale.

You can buy glasses cleaner, smart phone cleaner-made of Kyo-Yuzen dyeing fabrics, and T shirts on which have pictures of smart phone cleaner, SUSHI, ladies in Kimono, and etc.

Try “TOGIYA” and enjoy the special healthy vegetable dishes produced by vegetable sommeliers with a feel of Kyoto’s traditional culture.

Restaurant name Togiya Kiyamachi-oike Store
Phone +81-75-241-2788
Address 496 Kamikorokicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0923 Kyoto Prefecture
Business Hours Tue.-Sun.・National holidays Lunch PM12:00-PM2:30(available only for reservation prior to 5 days)
Tue.~Sun. Dinner PM5:00-PM10:30(L.O.PM9:30)
Closed Mon., Dec.31st, Jan. 1st

Restaurant name TOGIYA Karasumasanjyo Br.
Phone +81-75-256-5177
Address 59-2 koromonotanacho, Muromachi-Dori, Sanjo Nishi-Iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8203 Kyoto Prefecture
Business Hours Tue.-Sun.・National holidays Lunch PM12:00-PM1:30(available only for reservation prior to 5 days)
Mon.~Sat. Dinner PM5:00-PM10:30(L.O.PM9:30)
Closed Sun., Dec.31st, Jan. 1st

*The information herein is as of January 2020.