Luxury Kyoto gourmet you can enjoy at a cool restaurant “MERCER BRUNCH TERRACE HOUSE KYOTO,” featuring casual rich as the theme and offering the best location to view Kyoto’s Kam-gawa River and relax.

A cool New York style restaurant “MERCER BRUNCH TERRACE HOUSE KYOTO” opened at Ponto-cho, Kyoto.

Unposed luxury. “MERCER BRUNCH TERRACE HOUSE KYOTO” offers luxurious space, which suits present generation who seek value in the lifestyle, with unposed flat customer service.

In a place where many restaurants fully present the atmosphere of Kyoto by offering casual Japanese style for tourists or with high threshold as a characteristic of Kyoto, this restaurant opened at Kyoto’s Ponto-cho is, however, in cool, urban style which recalls a lifestyle of New York.

Luxurious spaces with different atmosphere, depending on the floor.

“MERCER BRUNCH TERRACE HOUSE KYOTO” is in the best location with views of Kamo-gawa River and 36 ridges of Higashimaya. It is in a maisonette type unit occupying the 3rd and 4th floors of the designers building near Sanjo-ohashi Bridge.

Afternoon tea is available at the luxurious lounge also used as a bar.

A restaurant serving lunch and dinner is on the 4th floor. Surrounded by glasses, terrace seats by Kamo-gawa River give you a view of Kyoto. It is a nice place for those who prefer a cool trip, including couples and groups of women.

Popular menu of the 4th floor restaurant “A4 Kobe round steak”

With the concept of “casual eating of luxury foodstuffs,” Italian dishes are served at this restaurant. A recommendation is “A4 Kobe beef round steak,” which is popular among foreign tourists. Round of the most famous and popular Kobe beef has a simple taste with just a right amount of fat.

At first it should be eaten without any sauce, so that, enjoy the original taste of Kobe beef. Then, after that it can go with a sweet sauce made with port wine.

Fresh wasabi coming with steak must be grated.

Freshly grated wasabi is aromatic, and once mixed with the sauce, the taste becomes refreshing. “A4 Kobe beef thigh steak” is something special as you can enjoy three different tastes.

Dishes using Kyoto vegetables are recommended.

One of other popular dishes is “dry-cured ham and Kujo-negi (leek from Kujo) linguine with truffle cream.” Many foreign customers order this. Sweetness of Kyoto’s traditional vegetable, “Kujo-negi” makes salty taste of dry-cured ham mild.

In the sauce, rich fresh cream and fragrance of truffle match very well. This luxurious menu is the original of “MERCER BRUNCH TERRACE HOUSE KYOTO.”

Signature menu of “MERCER BRUNCH” brand, “Brioche French Toast”

Signature menu which all the branches of “MERCER BRUNCH” brand boast of is “Brioche French Toast” which is a standard brunch menu in New York.

Using a unique recipe, specially baked brioche for French toast has two ways of eating, and so, two slices come in one plate.

One is to go with main dishes including steak, and the other is as a dessert with special syrup pouring on it. This quite filling “Brioche French Toast” is available at any time between lunch and dinner.

“Richer” than café and “more casual” than restaurant, “MERCER BRUNCH TERRACE HOUSE KYOTO” offers luxurious space, like a scene of a movie, for you to relax and enjoy freely.

It is not just a place to enjoy meals, but also for social meeting. Relaxing as if being in a luxury hotel lounge, you can enjoy “your time in Kyoto” at this restaurant. Since English speaking staff is always there, please feel free to call them for inquiries such as birthday or anniversary surprises.

Tel +81-75-221-3080
Address 4th floor, PONTONITE SANJYO OHASHI 123 Kiya-cho Sanjo kudaru Ishiya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Business Hours (Mon.-Fri.)
Brunch AM11:00-PM16:00(FOOD L.O.PM3:00/DRINK L.O.PM3:30)
Dinner PM5:00-PM11:00(FOOD L.O.PM10:00/DRINK L.O.PM10:30)
(Sat. & Public Holidays)
Brunch AM10:00-PM17:00(L.O.PM4:30)
Dinner PM5:00-PM11:00(FOOD L.O.PM10:00/DRINK
Dinner PM5:00-PM10:00(FOOD L.O.PM9:00/DRINK L.O.PM9:30)
Payment Credit cards Accepted

*The information herein is as of February 2020.