【Namba】 “Rikuro Ojisan Shop” has been loved as one of Osaka sweets for many years. We tried to find the secret to the deliciousness and the reason for its popularity!

“Rikuro Ojisan Shop” where you can enjoy delicious freshly baked cheesecake anytime.

Currently, there are 11 stores (including one café) in Osaka, and it is a product loved by a wide range of generations as afternoon snacks, breakfast, and souvenirs.

This time, we will report the secret to the deliciousness and the popular reason of “Rikuro Ojisan Shop!!”

Rikuro Ojisan Shop was originally found by Rikuro Nishimura and later named after the founder, Mr. Nishimura and became “Rikuro Ojisan Shop.”

At the same time as the opening at the Kitakagaya store in 1984, the Rikuro mark was born as a branding iron name for the cheesecake.

Freshly baked cheesecake, the most popular product of “Rikuro Ojisan Shop” has many fans and now customers are coming to buy it not only in the Kansai area but all over Japan which is not limited to domestic but it is also gaining popularity from abroad.

There are also many repeaters who seem to purchase every time they visit Japan saying that when they come to Osaka, they must buy the “Rikuro Ojisan Shop” cheesecake.

Rikuro Ojisan Shop’s cheesecake contains raisins that are not found in other cheesecakes.

In fact, they seem to line up the raisins inside the cheesecake evenly along the bottom so that the raisins can be seen at any cut.

Raisins are put in as an accent to the flavor like wasabi put inside a sushi.

Nowadays, Rikuro Ojisan’s cheesecake with raisins has been permeated enough but it seems that many people were surprised with the unique idea during that time of the release.

This time, we visited the Namba Flagship Store which boasts the largest sales of the famous Rikuro Ojisan’s cheesecake.

From the E11 exit of NAMBA Nannan Town, there is an escalator inside Namba Marui and when you go up the escalator, you will see the entrance of Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Street.

As you walk a few meters from the entrance of the shopping district, you will find the “Rikuro Ojisan Shop Namba Flagship Store!”


Namba Flagship store right after entering the Namba Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Street, is located in the middle of a tourist spot and is full of many tourists every day.

There are a lot of standard products available as well as freshly baked cheesecake and a stand-type eat-in space on the first floor. Also there are café space to eat and relax on the second and third floor.

At peak time, about 30 to 40 people wait in line for the freshly baked cheesecake but you can relatively buy it smoothly during the mornings on weekdays!

When we went to the store, there were many items inside the showcase that were perfect for souvenirs and many people were choosing wisely about what to buy.

This time, we chose the classic “freshly baked cheesecake” as a souvenir!

When the bell rings, it is a sign that the cheesecake has been freshly baked.

The cheesecake which is baked several times a day, twelve at a time, is the most popular product that sells quickly when freshly baked.

The fluffy cheesecake has the elasticity like it is dancing at the moment when it is freshly baked and the shop is wrapped around with the sweet and gentle smell.

Expiration Date The day you buy when it is placed in a cool dark place or 3 days when refrigerated
Preservation Method Refrigerated
Specific Raw Materials Eggs, Dairy Products, Wheat
Price 725 yen (tax included) *as of January 2020

It is said that this fluffy baked cheesecake has a specialty unique to Rikuro Ojisan Shop.

It seems that they only use egg white to make this elasticity and no baking powder is used. The fluffy texture is made only by the power of meringue made by whipping the egg white.

We bought that cheesecake safe and sound~

The mark of Rikuro Ojisan, which is branded on this cheesecake changes during an event!

We visited on December so it was a cute Christmas version!

It changes four times a year for every event so if the timing is right, you can buy a cheesecake with a different branding.

Heart version
Halloween version

A lot of tourists were taking pictures of this branding process made right in front!

After purchasing the souvenir cheesecake, we went to the café upstairs.

When we went up the stairs…

We arrived at the “Riku Café ROOM” on the 2nd and 3rd floor!

The stylish wood-grained interior is a space where you can feel the warmth of the wood.

There are many delicious menus to choose from.

After deciding, we chose the most popular “Riku Café Enjoyment Set”!

(1/6 cheesecake + premium cake + plenty of pot size drink set)

It is a satisfying set for people who want to eat the cheesecake but also want to eat other cakes!

This fruit tart is loaded with fruits!

The freshness of the fruit and the sweet custard taste is very exquisite, so we finished eating immediately.

The cheesecake looks very fluffy and soft but when you put it inside your mouth, it melts and spreads with the sweetness and aroma. You will be surprised with the very light taste.

You may be said that you are eating too much but it is a very light cheesecake with moderate sweetness that you can eat one whole cake by yourself.

In fact, at the café, you can order one whole cheesecake baked on the first floor and take it home if you couldn’t finish eating it.

In addition to the cheesecake, there are also limited products that can only be eaten at the “Riku Café ROOM” and it is a recommended spot to take a break during sightseeing.

The carefully selected coffee that is hand-dripped by the staff is said that it goes well with the cheesecake. It is a specialty product that is brewed after ordering.

Coffee and tea are served in pots which contains up to two cups.

/We are very satisfied with the delicious cakes and coffee! Thank you!\

We ate the purchased cheesecake at home.

A cheesecake that is delicious even at room temperature, cooled, or warmed. When it is freshly baked from the oven, it is very fluffy and soft.

If you eat it when it is cooled, the cake itself will tighten, making the flavor more rich.

The shop is famous for its cheesecake but not only cheesecake, “Torori Pudding” with plenty of milk and homemade “Maki Pie” is also a popular souvenir.

“Rikuro Ojisan Shop” is continuously loved in Osaka and Kansai area.

The popular cheesecake is perfect for breakfast or a small snack when you’re hungry. Why don’t you try it when you come to Osaka?

Store Name Rikuro Ojisan Shop Namba Flagship Store
Phone Number +81-120-57-2132 (Headquarters Customer Service)
Address 3-2-28 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Opening Hours <1F Namba Flagship Store>
<1F Riku Café STAND>
<2F Coffee Shop Riku Café ROOM>
Weekdays 12:00PM-6:00PM (L.O. 5:30PM)
Weekends and Holidays 11:30AM-7:00PM (L.O. 6:30PM)
Closed Days Irregular Holidays

*The information herein is as of March 2020.