Let’s go to “Owl Cafe” when you visit Osaka! Those who want to be healed must visit this cafe. “Happy Owl Cafe chouette” located in the Namba/ Shinsaibashi area.

Recently, there are a lot of “animal cafe” that you can play with animals in Osaka.

Among them, I went to the “Happy Owl Cafe chouette”, which has become a hot topic on SNS and blogs.

I went to the owl cafe for the first time, and I was relaxed very much. Let me tell you the happy time with the owl I experienced here.

Tawny owl: Pi-chan (Pi-suke)

Get off at Shinsaibashi Station or Nagahoribashi Station on Osaka Metro and get off at “South Exit 3”. (There are stairs and elevator.)

From this exit, you will reach “Happy Owl Cafe chouette” in 1 to 2 minutes!

“Happy Owl Cafe chouette” is on the second floor of the building. You will find a lot of owls on the stairs!

As you go up the stairs, there is the reception and cafe space on the right, and the space for playing with owls on the left. The separated cafe is spacious and you can relax in between playing with them.

First, check-in at the reception, order a drink, disinfect your hands, and then…
Let’s go and see the owls!

The space is also spacious, and owls live here.

All of owls are accustomed to people, so they stay still even when I approach them.
(If you touch them suddenly or make a loud noise, they will be surprised. So do not touch them suddenly or make a loud noise.)
*You can take photos and videos freely, but flash is strictly prohibited, so check your camera before taking a picture.

When you gently stroke their heads with the back of your hand, they narrow their eyes and they look feel good.
There are about 20 owls and horned owls in the “Happy Owl Cafe chouette”.

I would like to introduce some of them.

Spotted Wood Owl: Kinako

Her/His feathers around the face are fluffy so she has unusual appearance. She/He is clam and cute. She/He is my favorite one.

Barn owls: Hoa, Lua

They stick together and get close! If you look closely them, you can see that their faces are slightly different.

Snowy Owl: Arashi (A-chan)

With this snow owl, you may feel like you can use magic. She/He was very quiet and sitting still.

Red-footed Owl: CoCo

If she/he stares at you with a lovely expression, you will not be able to leave … She/He is good at looking at the camera.

Bubo sumatrana: Pearl

She/He has a distinctive feature with thick feathers! She is a rare eagle owl. She made a good expression when I tried to take a picture of her/him.

Bengal Eagle Owl: Ginji (Gin-chan)

He/She was gentle and was playing by jumping and moving around the perch on the side.

European Scops Owl: Taro, Jiro, Hanako

They were small owls that fit in the palm of your hand. If you are lucky, you may be able to look when they try to pretend like a tree branch by thinning their bodies.

In addition, you can touch various types of owls and eagle owls, from large owls at knee height to small owls in palm size.

Owls and eagle owls, which do not usually have a chance to interact with each other, were familiar with people and they were calm. So, my anxiety about owls was gone soon.

You will be healed when you look at owls walking with fluffy wings. Why don’t you find your favorite owl?

There was also a place for owl goods in the store. Please check out them when you visit the owl cafe.

One point to keep in mind is the bird allergy (bird-related irritable pneumonia).

It is said that people who have a lot of contact with birds on a daily basis and who start coughing and feeling breathlessness when wearing a duvet or jacket are more likely to develop the disease. The cause of the bird allergy is a protein called “bloom” that comes out of bird skin. After playing with the owls at the Happy Owl Cafe chouette, you had better brush your clothes.

Happy Owl Cafe chouette, where you can meet rare owls in the world, is a healing spot in Osaka where you can easily go alone.

Please be healed by owls for having a break during sightseeing or shopping in Osaka.

Shop name Happy Owl Cafe chouette
Phone +81-6-6243-2960
Address 1921 Building 2F, 1-9-21 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Opening hours Monday to Saturday AM11: 00 to PM8: 00 (Last entry: PM7: 15)
Sundays and public holidays :AM11: 00 to PM7: 00 (last entry: PM6: 15)
* AM 11: 00 to PM7: 00 (January to February (regardless of the day): 6:15 PM)
Regular holidays 1st and 3rd Mondays
* In the case of holidays, the next day.
Payment Smartphone payment accepted

* The information on this page is that as of February in 2020.