[Namba] “Izakaya,” where Japanese people go to spend time in Japan. We will introduce how people usually spend their time @ Toriyoshi Shoten

Izakaya is a unique Japanese pub that offers food along with sake that is rare in other counties. Do you want to know how Japanese people usually spend time at the Izakaya?

This time, we will introduce you to the “daily life of Japanese people” so that repeaters who loves Japan can experience a closer look of the usual Japanese life.

We will be introducing “Toriyoshi Shoten Namba Nankai Tori Iriguchi Branch!”

This restaurant is crowded with many office workers after work or university students since it is close to Namba Station on the Kinetetsu/Subway Line. The location is also very convenient since it is close to the Namba symbolic building, Osaka Takashimaya and Nankai Namba Station.

Toriyoshi Shoten offers variety of chicken menus and it is open 24 hours, 365 days so you can go whenever you want to eat or drink.

Usually, Japanese people go to Izakaya after work, but on the weekends, they often drink from daytime.

Toriyori Shoten is open 24 hours so you can eat izakaya menus anytime and there is also a lunch set menu from 11:00AM through 2:00PM.

The interior of the restaurant from the basement to the fourth floor is based on the motif of Japan from the 1980s and the background music is all from the 1980s which was popular back then which 40s and 50s might all know.

When you get seated, the first thing to do is to order the first drink!

“SUMIMASEN!! (Excuse me)” 

Japanese often say this to call the staff. But when they are not nearby, we call them out loud.

”Toriaezu Nama mittsu kudasai” “Please give us three beers!”

This is a phrase often used by Japanese at the Izakaya.

Draft beer is abbreviated as “nama” and “toriaezu” means “for the moment” when placing the first order.

When the beer comes,

Say out loud “Kanpai (Cheers) !!

Thank you for your hard work!

A drink after work is the best!

Here are the points you want to remember!

In Japan, it is common that “*otoushi,” a small appetizer, comes with the first drink.

*Otoushi is a simple appetizer that comes out first when going to a restaurant such as izakaya and it is provided by the restaurant first after ordering and before serving the dishes. It was born from the hospitality for the customers who would like some snacks with the drinks.

Toriyoshi Shoten offers “otoushi” which costs 299 yen (excluding tax).

Some of you may be surprised that you didn’t order this but since it is the restaurant’s hospitality, it is respectful to eat and wait for your ordered dish to come.

Otoushi: vinegared mozuku seaweed with grated yam from Okinawa 299 yen (excluding tax)

After drinking a beer, next is ordering the food.

There are English, Chinese and Korean menus!

So you don’t have to worry about what kind of food it is.

When ordering, other than the main dish, Japanese like to order the fast speed menu which is good as a snack for sakes.

The standard speed menu is edamame and assorted pickles but quail eggs seems to be the most popular at Toriyoshi Shoten.

Quail eggs 299 yen (excluding tax)

We asked the manager for the recommended dishes↓

Grilled Marinated Chicken with Flavored Sauce 799 yen (excluding tax)

Different parts of the chicken are grilled in flames and smoked to condense the taste of the chicken.

Chiritori-nabe (Hot Pot) with meat and vegetables 988 yen (excluding tax)

A hot pot with chicken and vegetables added to the sweet soy sauce based soup.

Crispy Chicken 699 yen (excluding tax)

The original spice with cumin, chili, garlic and fried shallots are spicy and addicting. There is also half size.

Chicken and Egg Bowl with Plupy Egg 590 yen (excluding tax)

Taste the specialty restaurant’s flavor with soft eggs and delicious chicken!

Let’s order the specialty dish of deep-dried chicken wing!

The secret sauce created by trial and error has been carefully laid down for a month and it is the specialty taste that cannot be tasted other than this restaurant.

Deep-fried Chicken Wing 480 yen (excluding tax)

The moment you eat, the flavor of the sauce and the chicken spreads in your mouth. If you eat one, you can’t stop anymore.

When ordering, the staff will ask you to choose between spicy, medium, or sweet so you can choose how spicy you want it to be.

The manager says there no staff who can speak fluent foreign language but they always give simple explanations in English and use body language to communicate.

Bend the wings in the opposite direction and eat the one with more meat.

Pull the meat from the bone to cleanly eat it!

Then throw away the remaining bone to the empty pot on the table.

It is common for Japanese people to think that drinking and eating should not be dirty but should look beautiful for the people who are drinking together and the staff.

Other than the wing bones, you should always keep the table clean.

Recently, many young people posts their meals on social media that this restaurant is delicious and often spread the word to their friends.

Toriyoshi Shoten has many variety of menu and drinks to choose from.

They also have original sake too!

It is very smooth and refreshing sake!

Now that we ate a lot, it’s time to pay.

To pay, bring this holder on the table to the first floor and give it to the staff.

At Toriyoshi Shoten, you can pay with either cash or card!

On the way home, let the staff know that it was delicious.

There is a culture in Japan to say “Itadakimasu (Let’s eat)” and “Gochisousama (Thank you for the meal)” which is a polite manner and that goes same at any restaurants including izakaya.

So we said “Toriyohei Shoten’s staff, Thank you for today!”

Toriyohei Shoten is located on the left inside the Namba Nankai Dori just across the traffic light with Nankai Namba Station in the back.

When you come to Osaka, try visiting the “Toriyoshi Shoten” where delicious food and fun staff waits for you.

You will definitely have a wonderful time.

Restaurant Name Toriyoshi Shoten Namba Nankai Tori Iriguchi Branch
Address B1F, 1F, 2F, 3F,4F 3-2-15 Namba Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone Number 06-6631-6303
Opening Hours 24 hours (Lunch Hours 11:00AM-3:00PM)
Closed Days 365 days open
Payment Cash, Credit Card

*The information herein is as of April 2020.