A theater restaurant, “HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX” where you can enjoy Hello Kitty’s latest entertainment and special vegan cuisine

At “HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX,” you can enjoy 3D animation video images of Hello Kitty, an entertainment show with different programs depending on the season, and vegan dishes.

Hello Kitty, who came to Awajishima island to fulfil her dream of becoming a pianist, unfolds the story on the entertainment show.

You can experience walk galleries to view Hello Kitty’s dream before the meal or the commencement of the show. It is a 3D animation of Hello Kitty’s story in which she makes her dream come true.

These precious video images only available at HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX are a must-see for Hello Kitty fans.

After enjoying walk galleries, it is time for an awaited meal.

A meal served at HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX is vegan cuisine in a Japanese meal box called jubako. A deluxe meal in a two-tiered box includes a variety of colorful items.

Vegan cuisine is a body and environment friendly cuisine without animal food products such as eggs, fish, and dairy produce.

Meatballs, simmered beef dish called beef shigure-ni, fried fish, etc. At a glance, you think it contains meat or fish. However, soy meat is used to replace meat, and similar texture and taste of real meat are reproduced.

Also, fried fish made with the great combination of tofu, lotus roots, and tofu refuse looks like real white fish meat.

Charms of this meal are using local vegetables including Awajishima onions and the original menu matching the season.

There is a dessert wagon and you can eat your preferred desserts and fruits. You would have a hard time to make your mind what to eat as there is a variety of items.

But don’t worry. Since each portion is small, you can try many kinds.

Desserts are gluten-free. Therefore, if you are not taking gluten due to allergy or health reason, it is no problem for you to eat those ones.

Regular desserts, such as cakes, tarts, and jellies, are mainly made with Awajishima’s rice flour, and there is no difference in taste and texture from the originals made with flour.

Drawing world-wide attention, vegan cuisine is something that more people from children who are allergic to flour and eggs to those who have food restriction due to religious or health reasons can enjoy.

After enjoying the meal, the awaiting show will start.

It is composed with three parts, that is, approx.10 minutes of 3D video in which Hello Kitty appears, 30 minutes of music, dance and songs, and last 10 minutes of “HELLO KITTY GREETING SHOW” in which Hello Kitty, who achieved her dream of becoming a pianist, shows her vaunted singing voice and dancing.

A program of the show changes seasonally.

Adorable Hello Kitty on a large screen of 6 meters high and 16 meters wide can be viewed well from any seats.

Constantly changing image on the screen makes an audience excited. Once Hello Kitty made her dream come true and the concert is over, here comes the entertainment show of music, dancing and singing.

The show starting with beautiful singing voice and harmony is powerful due to the close distance between the stage and the audience.

The program of that day was “Happy Flowers” produced by a violinist, MASHIKO Yu.

With the theme of consideration, this show is to present Hello Kitty flowers and celebrate the realization of her dream.

SHOW BOX performers sing, dance and play musical instruments, and there is a time for guests to participate in dancing. It is one of the attractions of this show that guests can also take a part in it and enjoy together with them.

After the show, there is a photo session with performers. Please take some photos as a memory of HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX.

In “HELLO KITTY GREETING SHOW,” Hello Kitty sings and dances, and together with the audience, she makes the show exciting.

After the show, there is a greeting event at which you can take a photo with adorable Hello Kitty. Please enjoy the photo session!

“HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX” has been created as a theater restaurant for the fans of Hello Kitty around the world.

As a restaurant where you can enjoy meal beyond religion and race, they persist in Vegan cuisine. Why don’t you extend your visit to Awajishima island during your trip starting from Kansai airport?


Name of the facility HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX
Tel +81-799-70-9022
Address 177-5 Nojima-Hirabayashi, Awaji-shi, Hyogo-ken
Business Hours・Fees (Tax excluded) ■Lunch : 11:00-13:00
With reservation
Weekdays:Adult 4640 yen Child 2320 yen
Weekends and Holidays:Adult 5800 yen Child 2900 yen
Without reservation
Adult 6800 yen Child 3400 yen
■Café : 15:00-16:30
Weekdays : Adult 2800 yen Child 1400 yen
Weekends : Adult 3500 yen Child 1750 yen
■Dinner : 18:00-20:00
With reservation
Weekdays:Adult 4640 yen Child 2320 yen
Weekends and Holidays: Adult 5800 yen Child 2900 yen
Without reservation
Adult 6800 yen Child 3400 yen
Closed Wednesdays
Payment Credit cards accepted
*Two-tiered boxed meal is available for lunch and dinner only.
*20 % off from above prices for a group of more than 20 people
*Buy 6 tickets and get 1 free.
*Access here for reservation Multilingual service available

*The information herein is as of January 2020.